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Why Women Need Weight Training! The Top 5 Reasons!

Study after study has shown that a consistent, moderate strength training program has a long list of health benefits for women. Unfortunately, the myths surrounding weight training still prevent a lot of women from including weight training into their fitness program. Luckily, a recent survey indicates that the negative perception linked to females weightlifting is changing. Thanks to a younger generation of women who are living proof that lifting weights is the key to not only feeling good, but also looking good!

Top 5 reasons to lift weights!

1. Weightlifting will help you lose more fat than you will ever gain in muscle mass.

2. Your bone mass density will increase up to 13% with regular weightlifting.

3. Weight training reduces the risk of heart disease and adult-onset diabetes.

4. 80% reduction in back pain and significantly less arthritis pain from a strength training program.

5. Strength training has tremendous benefits no matter what your age, especially as you get older.

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