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We Build Better Lives!  It's been the MFS motto since the beginning.  By integrating our trainers' knowledge and expertise with safe, innovative, and effective workout programs, we assist our clients in finally achieving their unique fitness goals.  No cookie cutter workouts or latest celebrity trends here.  Our proven record of educating our clients on all aspects of fitness and nutrition and implementing realistic plans have consistently ensured results.  All of our sessions include aspects of flexibility training, strength training, and cardiovascular training tailored to meet each clients needs.  This all encompassing approach is the main reason for our over 20 years of successful client relationships.  At MFS, our clients have always been our best advertisements which means our success depends on your success.  Call or email now and give yourself or loved one the gift of better health and a better life! 



Do you prefer working out alone?  MFS trainers will customize a workout designed specifically for your fitness goals.  Whether you want to reduce bodyfat, increase strength and flexibilty, overcome nagging injuries, or elevate your golf or tennis game, MFS will provide the motivation and the plan to get you to the next level.   


Do you like the motivation and energy of working out with a partner or group of friends?  MFS trainers will develop a group fitness workout that will accomodate all levels of fitness and motivate each client to exercise at their individual pace.  We can combine strength training, kickboxing, boot camp, and many other workouts to keep the session fun and effective.  Friends, co-workers, spouses, and siblings, create your own group and see how much fun achieving your fitness goal can be.    



Football, baseball, golf, basketball, boxing, lacrosse, tennis, jiu jitsu, soccer, running, and more! Professional, collegiate, youth teams or just trying to lower your handicap!  MFS trainers have trained athletes of all levels for almost every sport.  We prioritize injury prevention by incorporating balance training, postural and functional movement adjustments along with joint specific strengthening into each session.  We increase overall and sport specific strength, speed, and reaction time by utilizing innovative equipment and drills designed to bring you to the top of your game.    


One of the trademarks of a MFS workout is boxing.  Our trainers try to incorporate boxing and kickboxing into almost every workout because we believe that it is not only one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise, but also one of the most effective!  Boxing and kickboxing require constant use of the core and combine strength training with cardiovascular training to make it one of the most effective total body workouts.  No gloves? No bag? No problem!  MFS supplies everything that you need to start enjoying one of the hardest workouts that you will have ever tried.    



Out of town for an extended period?  Have a child away at school and want to make sure that they are exercising safely?  Just need a monthly check-in to update your fitness routine?   MFS remote training & consulting is the answer!  Our trainers will lead you through your customized workout, checking form, recommending weight adjustments, and making sure that you are working out in the safest and most effective way possible.  The only thing that we can't do is hand you the weights.

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