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Are Your Shoulders Keeping You Up At Night?

Shoulder pain is one of the leading causes of sleep disturbance and almost 25% of people will suffer from this syndrome. Shoulder pain can also make it harder to exercise and play sports, limit even basic life functions, and impair your overall quality of life. Fortunately, by doing just a few stretches and exercises we can regain our shoulder health.

Done three times weekly, the following program will reap great benefits and have you back to exercising, playing, and snoozing in no time. As always, stop the program if you feel any pain and consult your physician. The following program is only a general outline. Consult a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer for specific sets, repetitions and most importantly, correct form. Call 847-265-5380 or email MFS to start your path to better sleep and a better you!.

Pull the shoulder blades back and down as you externally rotate your arms by bringing the backs of your hands toward the floor.

Slowly raise your arms overhead, keeping them straight and engaging the muscles that hold the shoulder blades back and down.


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