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Want to Golf with 60% More Accuracy? Don't Stretch, Try This Active Warm Up.

Reduce the chance of injury while increasing accuracy by 60% with an active warm up before hitting the links. Studies have shown that a short, pre-golf, active warm up will not only increase your accuracy a whopping 60%, but also increase distance by 7% and club head speed by 5%. Try 15 reps of each exercise before hitting some practice shots and reap the benefits immediately.

Front or Rear Lunge with Rotation

Step forward or backward with arms stretched out front at shoulder level. Rotate torso, shoulders, and head to leg that is forward being careful to keep both knees in neutral/non-rotated position. Alternate legs keeping your lunge distance equal for each leg and rotating to front leg.

Side Lunge

Step left sideways into a side lunge keeping right leg straight and left knee in neutral position. Step out far enough to feel stretch in right inner thigh but not too far to cause strain. Step right sideways.

Shoulder Circles

Stand with feet shoulder width apart with arms outstretched to side and knees slightly bent. Make fists and rotate fists forward for 30 reps gradually increasing radius. Reverse direction for 30 reps.

Simulated Swings

Standing with feet shoulder width apart and knees bent, interlock fingers and practice simulated golf swings continuously. Gradually increase height of hands keeping height for each side equal. Keep knees bent at all times and resist shifting weight from leg to leg.

MFS can help!

Play your best golf this year with a MFS designed workout tailored to your specific fitness needs. Keep injuries away and decrease your handicap by having our certified professional trainers create a program that includes strength, flexibility, and balance training. By assessing everything from your swing to your posture, MFS will help you stay healthy and help you make your greatest losses!

Call 847-265-5380 or email now!

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