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Coronavirus Prevention? KEEP WORKING OUT!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The CDC indicates that the best way to prevent Covid-19 is through the obvious methods of limiting exposure by minimizing close contact, handwashing and using hand sanitizer, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and avoiding crowds. The CDC also indicates that keeping healthy is a critical part of avoiding infection as well as minimizing the effects of any illness. Exercise is also a great way to manage stress and anxiety during this outbreak. KEEP WORKING OUT!

Unfortunately, with most public gyms and exercise facilities closing, exercising on a regular basis can present a challenge. Fortunately, with the combination of new technology and old tried and true methods, we can continue to keep ourselves healthy and even add some variety to our programs along the way. We at MFS will be posting some short in-home workouts for every fitness level. Also, down below, we will reveal a secret exercise that has shown to greatly reduce the chance of getting almost every major disease. KEEP WORKING OUT!

In the past 3 years almost 20% of our sessions here at MFS are conducted through remote training. Using a laptop, tablet, or a phone, remote training is an easy way for our trainers and clients to keep working out together no matter what the situation is. Whether clients have re-located permanently, gone away on business travel or vacation, or like our current situation, unable to access a gym, we at MFS have had great success in providing our clients the same safe and effective workouts remotely that we have in person over the last 25 years.

And the best news is that you really don't need alot of equipment to get the job done! Whether you have an elaborate home gym or nothing at all, there is always a way to get a great workout. I have personally had top tier professional athletes nearly vomit with the same set of inexpensive exercise bands that I have used to safely train a 72 year old client rehabbing from hip replacement surgery. As our current clients can attest, gravity alone can provide everything needed to accomplish any fitness goal. Push-ups, dips, lunges, and varied squats with only bodyweight are often out most "disliked" workouts.

The goal here is to keep working out! Keep yourselves healthy mentally and physically! Whether it is with us at MFS or on your own, KEEP WORKING OUT! Be proactive against getting the coronavirus and other serious health issues like heart disease and diabetes. KEEP WORKING OUT! Buy bands, a small set of dumbells and an exercise ball and get a great workout in at home. KEEP WORKING OUT! And finally, the secret exercise: Walking! Walking and/or running can be done anywhere anytime and can accommodate any fitness level. Can't run but want to get your heart rate up? Walk up a hill twice and then walk around it four times. Even just 20 minutes of walking at a steady pace is phenomenal for your health and will get you outside. KEEP WORKING OUT!

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